Pride: The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu

The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu: Pride* *A collaboration with Rosema from A Reading Writer Rosema writes short fiction, poems and posts about the books she’s reading. Hop on over to check out her site and pick up a recommendation or two for your next read. The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu: PRIDE ~ ~ ~ Lionize me now. There ain’t no vainglory here I’m the best there is. ~ ~ ~ Stand tall but know when it’s your turn to bow down ‘cause– life’s a turning wheel. ~ ~ ~ To be continued tomorrow with another deadly sin and … Continue reading Pride: The Seven Deadly Sins of Senryu

Tell No Tales

Tell No Tales (picks up where Santa’s Flight ends) The sleigh parked before that terrible wall of color chased light, a screen of dancing images, each scene a brick in the wall. “My part in this tale ends here; seek the King across yonder wall,” Santa held a hand age-spotted out as his pow’r ebbed away. “Christmas eve is ended,” he waved his hand at dawn rising behind, turning all gray. “The night departs, so must I ’till next year. Your path continues through there if you’ve heart to try, redeeming grace will see you clear.” Sarn looked at that great wall–where to e’en start? His … Continue reading Tell No Tales

The Rusted King and the Drum

The Rusted King and the Drum (Picks up where Between Dreams and Boats left off) Rusted nails twisted into a diadem. Three blood stones set in place of precious jewels. On a scrap heap he sprawled with a ripped hem. The King of Nimbledon, liege-lord of fools, price of thieves and bully boys–pay him heed all you creatures of the night, pickpockets, lock breakers, streetwalkers. Orphans bend knee to this tyrant, who reigns with a socket wrench for a scepter that calls all to order. His court of thugs, cheats and scruffy children wait to see who’ll be nailed to the girder. … Continue reading The Rusted King and the Drum

Night Lights

Night Lights Stalks wrapped in lights rose up into the night. The Fungal Forest spread from the river sheltered ‘neath the Enchanted Forest. Bright as sunset, never plain, a world inside that domain, where the wee folk fly about. Naked except for wings, they sit beside glowing ‘shrooms and keep the sacred worm stout. The worm then spins silken threads the wee folk trade with the Tall Ones for red dyes to make colorful draperies for the Mount Folk. In the ceremony, the ‘shrooms they take, to find clarity. Instead their mind’s dazed. They wanted what the wee folk had in spades. ~ ~ ~ Like vignette-style poems? Intrigued by this corner … Continue reading Night Lights

Soul Singing: Prompt Stomp Sonnet #2

Soul Singing The band whose playing gave her two hours’ bliss before had to depart. So quiet fell. Her soul, bereft, trod graves in music-less accompaniment. A clarion bell, a voice like no other, cut through the night. A soprano singing; the wind sighing– a sweet duet of nature, life and light. She sang of a place beyond all telling, a place ‘cross distant seas called Eversong. Her song continued ’til night spent itself. and the graveyard’s souls would fly to her song. She bid souls to gather at the seas’ shelf. Their bodies left to rot in graves that lie. They rose on … Continue reading Soul Singing: Prompt Stomp Sonnet #2

Windows: A Sonnet

Windows In the barred window hung a perfect dress. Its train swept the floor. It’s creamy folds shined with dreams of wedded bliss. Wait for me, dress, for I’ve not yet met a man to call mine. Beyond the next window down that same street, a family gathers to share a meal while I stand cold and alone on the street. No supper waits for me. No one to steal a moment of their time, just a cold hearth, a silent home, me on my own.  I turn Head quickly away but I feel that dearth. Paws click on glass. The dog toppled an urn. … Continue reading Windows: A Sonnet