She walks in trains’ tracks,
never looks back just forward
like her ancestors.

She walks on train tracks
misplaced shadow journey-bound
she seeks to be found

she crosses country
follows train tracks through places
‘Merica forgot

Towns more strip mall than
home, rundown houses falling
tracks of empty land

Tumbleweeds blow past
she walks on, her shoulders hunched
hood hiding her face

Fabric can hide scars
to skin not those carved on souls
life’s cigarette burns

Leaves holes in her heart
where he applied the burned butt
smoke mixed with singed skin

Memories keep pace
slaps and screams she would forget
past won’t stay behind

It overtakes her
makes her stumble, ignore trains
should have stepped off tracks.

Diesel engine stares
rust face a suicide grin
bearing down on her.

Shoulders squared she walks
she met her fate on those tracks
played chicken with trains.

~ ~ ~

for MindlovesMisery’s Menagerie: Tale Weaver #59 Journey

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    1. Yes it is 🙂 I am trying to catch up on my reading and trying to decide if I should try those Google Ad words to get some non-blogger traffic. What do you think about paid search campaigns?

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    2. Never tried it before but if you’re serious about blogging I think you should give it a shot. Especially if you want this to be an avenue to attract traffic to your books.

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    3. i do and it seems that I can’t count on bloggers for that. They want to read the books when they are published which is great but having an established audience who will buy the books could be my ticket to the big houses. I’m not sure whether I should self-pub the next book or give the pros a try. I’ve read so many horror stories and I work for a publisher. I know where the unsolicited stuff goes–a trash can.

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    4. Sadly I know nothing about publishing a book so I can’t give any advice there. Yes having an established audience really helps. Do you have a big number of following here?

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    5. Only about 0.035% of my followers actually visit each day so the total number of followers is irrelevant. Actually it’s probably less than that because I do get some organic search traffic from google but I’m not sure how much because the visitors aren’t broken down by source.


    6. Do WordPress have some advanced analytics capabilities? Maybe if you have a premium plan. Can Google help you get the breakdown somehow? Subscription to their analytics services?

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    7. Isn’t there a data mining app or s/w that could help you in the meantime?
      Btw on another note – your comments are not threaded. Is that what you wanted?

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  1. This is very good Melinda. A fascinating journey in itself through a persons life wandering the tracks….some lovely images that suggest always looking forward and a sense of inner pride about the character, the shoulders carried square……thanks so much for participating in the Tale Weaver….

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    1. Haunting and sad. Beautiful form. She walks those tracks trying to live with her past, abus, being burnt with cigarettes and more. Sorrowful ending her meeting her end, being hit by a train, indeed playing chicken because she didn’t have it in her to live.

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