Life is…

Life is… Life is blatherskite cheap talk, nonsense dealt as truth no substance, all lies. Life is ephemeral carelessly left by nostrum proscribed by a quack. Life is addictive struggle with rigor mortis drugs terminated. Life’s episodic notifications rule days tap minutes away. Life is decisions concave glass cracked, lipstick smudged camera snaps affair Life’s work ten hours broken boiler icy show’r empty apartment. Life is traffic stopped threat of job loss if you’re late white knuckle commute. Life is promotion dangled from puppeteer’s strings no raise just more stress. Life is broken dreams words carved on hearts–no one reads in quiet that bleeds. ~ ~ ~ for … Continue reading Life is…

Some Kind of Monster

We check for monsters. Under the bed, we saw eyes– our eyes reflected. Our monstrousness caught– visible in mirror shard– trapped under our skin. Hold your cross up dear, whisper prayers, “deliver us–” our evil’s within. Cross glows, burns our hands– drop it, spin as it falls down, lands on mirror shards. Seven years’ bad luck, blood drips down hands from the blow– shattered mirror mocks. Caught sanity’s flash, fired like gunshots in the dark but missed its target. Monster within laughs, extends its claws to snuff out– the good in us, gone. Luke Skywalker lied. Light saber cold in our hands We’re … Continue reading Some Kind of Monster

Hanging by a moment

Hanging by a Moment ~ ~ ~ Hung by a moment– suspended from fleeting clouds– the ground anchors me. ~ ~ ~ My head’s in the clouds. Imagination’s strings lift– I float, par’dise found. ~ ~ ~ Reality pulls– against dreams’ strings, tugs me down– so gravity wins. ~ ~ ~ Hanging by moments– clouds drift away without me– back to work I go. ~ ~ ~ For: Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge 104 & the Daily Post’s “Fleeting.” Continue reading Hanging by a moment

Stars Dance – A Kyrielle Sonnet

Stars Dance – a Kyrielle Sonnet Stars dance to music of the spheres within dark energy’s ballroom swaying through dark matter that’s there. Gravity’s pull makes them dance. In a vacuum their music sounds mathematical, oh what gloom– scientific, describes the boom. Gravity’s pull makes them dance. Colliding stars send shock waves out shaking the the long cosmic ballroom, the microwave background plays out– Gravity’s pull makes them dance. Stars dance to music of the spheres– Gravity’s pull makes them dance. ~ ~ ~ This was really hard. Not sure I’ll try this one again unless I need a poetic torture device 😉 … Continue reading Stars Dance – A Kyrielle Sonnet

Follow Yonder Star

Follow Yonder Star (Picks up where Magicians and Magi left off) Sarn woke to a strange sight; camels processed under a sky dominated by light from a huge star that westward proceeded. The caravan followed its royal light. “The star guides us,” Ran said from his place camel- back, perched on a pile of gifts, carefully wrapped. “Who’re they?” Sarn asked as dunes passed untrammeled by moor or mount, field or fountain; untapped, its power pooled; he felt it even mounted; that was a wonder ’cause no beast would bear him ‘cept this camel; Ran jumped onto Sarn’s mount. Caught by magic and arms, … Continue reading Follow Yonder Star

Between Dreams and Boats

(takes place between Beloved and The Trouble with Magical Security and The Rusted King and the Drum) Between Dreams and Boats They dragged the boat onto shore at Nolo’s direction, left it by boat house’s raft stack ‘fore hiking ‘cross the lightening meadow. Dawn gilded the river as the mount’s track wound in graveled ribbons around its girth. The weight of Nolo’s unasked questions pressed down on Sarn with e’ery step; his self worth dwindled away in quiet that oppressed. Ran stirred, slept in his arms without a care held safe there, his stuffed bear clutched, blanket wrapped and warm, no need to see where … Continue reading Between Dreams and Boats

Fools & Farewells

The Fool (Picks up where The Longest Night left off) A red silk scarf slid through Inari’s hands, pooled in the drawer where it’d rested for years, when she’d traded it for a marriage band. Some days she liked to reconnect with years past, feel the silk against her smile and play once more the gypsy girl in a trader’s caravan with tarot cards, fated to play. She removed the deck, shuffled it; later she’d play the good god-fearing wife; right now she wanted assurance that Ran’s tearful prediction was false, that Sarn’s okay now and that his absence meant an eventful night, not … Continue reading Fools & Farewells

Shopping with Mages

Shopping with Mages (and why you shouldn’t EVER take a mage shopping…) [Picks up where Button Holed left off] Water swirled past, sails lay slack and gathered, rowers plied their oars moving the trireme down the River Nirthal. Winter withered what autumn left behind, a color scheme spare and dark where naked trees stood sleeping the winter’s sleep, dreaming of greening spring days. What the hell was he doing here standing ’round staring as trees slide by in a daze? Roped into a shopping trip despite doubts about the holiday they went to shop– “Do you know what this Christmas day’s about?” “No school that day,” … Continue reading Shopping with Mages

Button Holed

Button Holed (Picks up where Second Thoughts left off) “Between the shadow and the soul, I love you like a dark thing in secret,” she sang as flies buzzed around her head, while above, a boy sat making button hearts to hang. Sarn crouched down to see what his son had made. “For the tree,” Ran held a button heart strung with thread; Sarn took it and with a hug paid for its creation; hearing what was sung, and not liking its lyrics, he took his son into the suite and back to homey things suited to a child’s ears, only to run straight into … Continue reading Button Holed

The Bloodcrow

The Bloodcrow Through an aperture, he saw the Bloodcrow sift through the bodies scattered on the track. Dread hammered nails in his apathy, sowed a frantic beat in his veins, magic jacked… “Papa, wake up. You’re having a bad dream.” Small hands patted Sarn’s face, empyreal radiance cut ‘cross the scene in green beams. His magic threw the dream, reached for the real. Ran pancaked into a relieved embrace. Sarn blinked away that dream but its presence lingered like a whalebone in a back brace– still pressing its unwanted influence. “Why you not have good dreams?” Ran still held tight. “‘Cause fanatics did bad things in … Continue reading The Bloodcrow


Mistaken A woman passed, caught Ran’s glance, made him start– for there walked his missing mama. Holding tight to his stuffed bear’s arm, he hurried, heart yearning for her touch. His small form’s threading through the market; the crowd’s blocking his sight. The market sprawls in a mile wide cavern. His mama could be anywhere. Dim light cheats his sight making it hard to discern. Down one aisle, then another, he’s lost now. He’s hugging his bear, looking everywhere. Mama’s gone; he’s abandoned, so he slows. Then he’s lifted up, held tight; Papa’s there. Ran was never lost at all just misplaced and … Continue reading Mistaken


Masks He toweled birth fluids off his hands; the colt tottered to his mum’s waiting teat to eat. A tickle in his mind, a soft slide, no jolt, just a smile as the connection that cheats the miles ‘tween his mind and mom’s cemented. Her much-missed voice in his head, soft and sweet, praised the colt he’d helped birth; sad news dented his mirth; his captive grandpa’s dead; grief beat him down, twelve years of mind-talk, no contact, not safe ma’d said. He kicked the mask, pining. No masked fete for him, not when this contact had broken his heart. “Are the stars shining?” mom asked. He tilted his head, … Continue reading Masks