Peace Peace’s posed behind glass; she stood spotlit, melting in the heat, walled away from those passing on the street. They don’t give a whit about peace as she stands there her hands to those chasing dollars ‘stead of dreams. They don’t see her sprout wings, a white dove breaking through glass shattering the scene. She’s flying now, free from admiration lauded on her glass cage; no longer a concept seen but not touched. She can go where she’s needed; no one can impede her. She’s no exhibit, not some high minded-ideal. She’s everyone; Every smile we make; every hand we shake. Every … Continue reading Peace

Black Friday at the Low Market

Black Friday in the Low Market Sarn glared at the black cloth strip in his hands. Light-tight, once tied its weave would hide his eyes, suppress their glow, allow him to withstand the low market crush and not jeopardize his son who would be his eyes for this trip. Now tied, his vision cut off; his magic took over, gave different eyes equipped with a detailed map of the illogic that abounded inside Mount Eredren. “You take too long. We go now.” Ran tugged on Sarn’s trouser leg. “I lead.” Ran unfastened the door and started into the hallway, his promised outing … Continue reading Black Friday at the Low Market

The Match

The Match Cyprus’ ringside seats enabled him to watch the match. Who’d leave in a coffin? The acrobat tumbled, his strength let him toss the mawkish gawker out on his fin. Through the hawker’s hand lapis lazuli beads slid, clicking, blocking Cyprus’ view. The stench of brimstone warned he’d better lie low ‘fore the serum wore off. Sweat bedew his forehead, his arm pits, deodorant’s failure, its obsolescence in process. Then his human skin molted and the chant began quickening the change in the press. A demon spilled forth ending the death match. Everyone left without coffin or scratch. ~ ~ ~ Like vignette-style sonnets? Want … Continue reading The Match

Spring with Flair

Spring with Flair Flowers, flowers everywhere, in my hair, falling without a care, as I glide ’round my bower’s stair. Who’s that there? Moonlight fair? Follow you where? Hear madness there resounds. Flowers, flowers in my pants, as I dance. Ring-crowned spiders spin their hair with some flair. They make a gown I can wear for the dance. My bro wears a lizard’s skin, it’s not fair. Feathers, feathers everywhere, in the air, on my chair. Spinning in a dizzy dance, my last chance, to prepare, that girl to spare, if I dare. There in the square, I do dance. Ladies fair, everywhere, I sing the prayer; I share all I dare, … Continue reading Spring with Flair

Wishful Thinking

On a heath sitting beneath a toadstool, his head’s in his hands; his wings’re folded; his fairy tail swishes, and like a fool he’s wishing that Prince Charming’s blindfolded state won’t continue. It’s all that twit Cinder’s doing; the belle of the ball cast a spell. That glass slipper’s its trigger; it hinders all rational thought; the Prince’s not well, not since she banished Pink. Without invite, he can’t go; there’s no one to  break the spell. A beloved voice booms out and he takes flight. Cinder’s gone; fairy dust falls, breaks the spell. “I thought I’d lost you, my friend,” the Prince … Continue reading Wishful Thinking