Little Christmas

Little Christmas (Picks up where The Holy and the Lowly left off) Ran awoke to familiar surroundings but his stuffed companion had gotten lost. Searching the room he shared with his sleeping Papa turned up no button eyed bear tossed aside when had adventure spirited Ran and his Papa to follow a star. Inari slept ‘neath a shawl she’d knitted She stirred at his approach, smiled like a star. “Where’s bear?” he asked anxious to find his friend and tell his Christmas tale to those stuffed ears. “Maybe in here, let’s look,” she extended a box, bow-topped, wrapped in star’s shine and tears. Ran opened … Continue reading Little Christmas

The Holy and Lowly

The Holy and the Lowly (Picks up where Sons and Holy Ones left off) After their talk, Sarn had a better grasp of things; Ran was safe inside the stable. So he walked and wondered until a rasp drew his eye to the Savior’s slim, sable bearded step-father; out of wedlock’s born a Holy Infant, a bastard like Sarn’s son and Sarn himself and that made Sarn less torn up about his family and his son. The Holy Family was as broken as his own but united by love’s bonds. That was what mattered; all else were tokens of public goodwill without love to bond. … Continue reading The Holy and Lowly

Sons and Holy Ones

Sons and Holy Ones (Picks up where May Angels Lead You In left off) Ran managed to give his Papa the slip. Let Papa talk adult things with the blessed. Ran approached the reason for this long trip. The baby watched him with dark eyes that guessed his intention and held out a hand so small, which Ran gently squeezed, smiling the babe’s smile. Starlight enfolded them; when it left, all had changed; Ran and the baby had grown, while time stood still, so they might talk together. “You’re the saviour,” Ran said in Papa’s voice. “Yes, storms come, you’ll need blessings … Continue reading Sons and Holy Ones

May Angels Lead You In

May Angels Lead You In Stars and angels sing a brand new year their songs bring– light and love, they sing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~ ~ They sing love and light, to create a new year bright with hope in your sights. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ May your hope burn bright, your heart sing of starlit nights and love on the wing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ and should life be done may angels bear you hence to the Holy One. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you … Continue reading May Angels Lead You In

Follow Yonder Star

Follow Yonder Star (Picks up where Magicians and Magi left off) Sarn woke to a strange sight; camels processed under a sky dominated by light from a huge star that westward proceeded. The caravan followed its royal light. “The star guides us,” Ran said from his place camel- back, perched on a pile of gifts, carefully wrapped. “Who’re they?” Sarn asked as dunes passed untrammeled by moor or mount, field or fountain; untapped, its power pooled; he felt it even mounted; that was a wonder ’cause no beast would bear him ‘cept this camel; Ran jumped onto Sarn’s mount. Caught by magic and arms, … Continue reading Follow Yonder Star

Magicians and Magi

Magicians and Magi (picks up where Brothers and Borders left off) It was Christmas morning; nothing seemed right. Inari had looked forward to giving Sarn, and his young son, a Christmas oft dreamed but seldom achieved; now Christmas morning had come and they’re missing their first Christmas. She missed Ran underfoot, his questions, smiles and the way he followed her about–alas, he’d made the holiday prep worthwhile. She sighed and thumbed through the story she’d picked just for him, a Christmas story with wise men, angels, a manger and a babe picked to save all mankind when he later dies. The Blessed Mother regarded her from the … Continue reading Magicians and Magi

Tell No Tales

Tell No Tales (picks up where Santa’s Flight ends) The sleigh parked before that terrible wall of color chased light, a screen of dancing images, each scene a brick in the wall. “My part in this tale ends here; seek the King across yonder wall,” Santa held a hand age-spotted out as his pow’r ebbed away. “Christmas eve is ended,” he waved his hand at dawn rising behind, turning all gray. “The night departs, so must I ’till next year. Your path continues through there if you’ve heart to try, redeeming grace will see you clear.” Sarn looked at that great wall–where to e’en start? His … Continue reading Tell No Tales

Santa’s Flight

Santa’s Flight (picks up where Santa’s Mission left off) Sarn pulled on his cloak and boots, clad his son in warm gear, and with much trepidation, took the hand and adventure offered–one. thing he’d learned about Christmas–action was required that might just test his mettle. “I’ve trouble controlling it–the magic.” “Not tonight you won’t,” Santa smiled, “settle in and we’ll be off; don’t fret ’bout magic. Tonight it’s in the air and everywhere.” Indeed the air did shimmer and sparkle as if diamond dust floated in the air. It started slow, the drain, just a trickle at first as the reindeer jogged skyward, more as his link to … Continue reading Santa’s Flight

Grandma Hitches a Ride with Santa

Grandma Hitches a Ride with Santa (Follows Berry Wight, picks up with Sarn’s grandmother, Leesha) ‘Twas the night before Christmas when she stirred, a blind woman from her treetop abode. Through the wooded vale she trudged, her thoughts whirred, circled about regret ’cause she’s not bold. No time left now that death’s velvet hand touches hers, its cold presence walks beside, offers no aid when her rag-wrapped foot, the root clutches. Leaning on her staff, her magic buffers, keeps her from harm, with its small witchery. Rising, she feels about, finds the path and the way, to a grandson she’s spied through trickery. Her … Continue reading Grandma Hitches a Ride with Santa

Wreathed in Light

Wreathed in Light (Picks up where Deck the Mountain’s Halls left off) “Wait!” Ran cried, his need to complete things taking charge, “the wreath! It needs one more light.” One spot left on the e’er green, Advent ring; one dark place that needed to be made bright. Then the fairies’ spell could begin, Advent’s end with it bring; the waiting’s done and soon celebrations will ring with song, presents ‘neath the tree and laughter, the season’s boon. To move things along, Ran hurried to fetch Nolo, his son Nerule, Inari, his wife, Uncle Miren, Papa who catches him in a hug, gathering them all ’round the … Continue reading Wreathed in Light

Deck the Mountain’s Halls

Deck the Mountain’s Halls (Picks up where Fools & Farewells left off) Hot chocolate gone, cold gnawing on his skin, Sarn traded the terrace for the warm suite. He found his son affixing with frostin’, a gingerbread balcony to a sweet cookie mountain replete with candy trails. Sarn lay down joined by Ran and his stuffed bear. Sarn’s magic roiled and tortured him with wails.  Three lights bobbed in air, alighted with care. “We three bring good gifts,” they sang one and all. Ran raised his head, blinked at the three fairies. “You can fix my Papa?” They nodded, all three moved, weaving fairy light and … Continue reading Deck the Mountain’s Halls

December’s Rise

December’s Rise November gives thanks to all who precede. After the feast, it gracefully exits. Autumn’s color fallen away indeed. A landscape blanketed in leaves permits December’s rise. It sweeps onto the stage alight with seasons greetings, warm regards, and Advent wreaths. ‘Fore the year turns the page, dream of a white Christmas and write your cards; send them with best wishes, then deck your tree. ‘Round your house string lights to guide Santa’s sleigh. Recall those who’ve naught on your shopping spree. Save something to donate; so on that sleigh, by gifts wrapped in sparkle and shine, a gift of your mercy waits, to be given with love. ~ … Continue reading December’s Rise


Peace Peace’s posed behind glass; she stood spotlit, melting in the heat, walled away from those passing on the street. They don’t give a whit about peace as she stands there her hands to those chasing dollars ‘stead of dreams. They don’t see her sprout wings, a white dove breaking through glass shattering the scene. She’s flying now, free from admiration lauded on her glass cage; no longer a concept seen but not touched. She can go where she’s needed; no one can impede her. She’s no exhibit, not some high minded-ideal. She’s everyone; Every smile we make; every hand we shake. Every … Continue reading Peace