Deck the Mountain’s Halls

Deck the Halls (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

Deck the Mountain’s Halls

(Picks up where Fools & Farewells left off)

Hot chocolate gone, cold gnawing on his skin,
Sarn traded the terrace for the warm suite.
He found his son affixing with frostin’,
a gingerbread balcony to a sweet
cookie mountain replete with candy trails.
Sarn lay down joined by Ran and his stuffed bear.
Sarn’s magic roiled and tortured him with wails. 
Three lights bobbed in air, alighted with care.

“We three bring good gifts,” they sang one and all.
Ran raised his head, blinked at the three fairies.
“You can fix my Papa?” They nodded, all
three moved, weaving fairy light and fairy
dust into a shimmering net, not real,
this episode had an imagined feel.

~ ~ ~

The fairies released their spell certain this
time they had dug down to Christmas’ heart.
Ignorance had not a prayer after this.
The spell fizzled out before it could start.
Flying from the room, the fairies shot through
the door, at the Christmas tree they stopped short.
Dimmed from their spell, the Christmas tree’s glow
hadn’t recovered; its spiritual support
needed shoring up, so they conspired.

Ran followed the fairies, found them on boughs
chatting, in need of reminder that dire
need had called them forth and help they had vowed.
He opened his mouth but the fairies shook their
heads, shoulders bowing, “not enough power here.”

~ ~ ~

Ran fetched his father and they basked in light
shining from the advent wreath, the Christmas tree
and his father’s glowing eyes; magic light
rose from all of them and he waited three
hours, for the fairies to recharge, snug in
his dozing father’s arms, bathed in color.
He heard his father’s magic hum within.
Without spread a nice suite with no squalor
now that this ‘fostering’ thing lent a spare
room for them with nice people–‘cept Nolo
who didn’t like Ran and took Papa from there.
His name was on the Nice List, even though
and that perplexed Ran as the fairies flew
out of the suite, triumphant and in the know.

~ ~ ~

Sarn woke to insistent tugging, tapping
and repeated calls to a color drenched
suite and his young son, Ran, door ward pointing.
Out they went into the hall where entrenched
in holiday cheer, three little lights bobbed
and wove, directing a mystified horde.
They sang, “Fa la la la la,” as they swabbed
carved stone tiles, decked the walls with holly, stored
fall decorations from the harvest ball.
They girded statues in glitzy garland,
wrapped strings of bright beads around columns tall
and all plants in Mount Eredren by hand.
They sang ’till the decorations’ below
rivaled the huge ceiling mosaics’ glow.

~ ~ ~

Spinning as they decked, dancing in the halls,
their voices echoed through the atrium.
That bright holiday cheer rolled on through all
the mountain fortress’ halls and it strummed
the heart strings of everyone who listened.
The Christmas tree glowed brighter with every
Fa la la la la sung, ’till it glistened.
Mistletoe and ivy covered every
white stone surface, dressing already dressed
stone up with festive good cheer ’till all smiled.
Their work done, the fairies fluttered obsessed
with their goal, leaving the mount folk beguiled.
To the Christmas tree they raced, winding spells
from the smiles and songs, whose echoes still swelled.

~ ~ ~

The story continues in Wreathed in Light.

Follow Sarn’s Christmas Journey

(Worried about missing a piece of the holiday mayhem?  Worry not fair reader. The fairies are arranging a special eBook to help.)

In response to the Christmas Season, the Daily Post’s prompt “Artist’s Eye” or in this case, the fairies’ artistic eye and Prompt Stomp #11 and the Daily Post’s  prompt “Take Care.”

Deck the Halls (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

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