Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride (Picks up where Wreathed in Light left off) Fairies fluttered and flickered as they flew loop-the-loops, barrel rolls and belly flops into the magic falling like dew onto the Advent wreath where they rallied. This time the fairies would not be denied. Spurred by Christmas carols Inari hummed while she wrote out Christmas cards, snow outside falling, Ran spreading frosting with his thumb, and a hundred other Christmasy things. The fairies wove their spell late into night. They finished by dawn’s breaking and the ring of first morning bell that spread their spell’s light throughout the suite, wrapping father and son in transformative … Continue reading Sleigh Ride

Wreathed in Light

Wreathed in Light (Picks up where Deck the Mountain’s Halls left off) “Wait!” Ran cried, his need to complete things taking charge, “the wreath! It needs one more light.” One spot left on the e’er green, Advent ring; one dark place that needed to be made bright. Then the fairies’ spell could begin, Advent’s end with it bring; the waiting’s done and soon celebrations will ring with song, presents ‘neath the tree and laughter, the season’s boon. To move things along, Ran hurried to fetch Nolo, his son Nerule, Inari, his wife, Uncle Miren, Papa who catches him in a hug, gathering them all ’round the … Continue reading Wreathed in Light

Deck the Mountain’s Halls

Deck the Mountain’s Halls (Picks up where Fools & Farewells left off) Hot chocolate gone, cold gnawing on his skin, Sarn traded the terrace for the warm suite. He found his son affixing with frostin’, a gingerbread balcony to a sweet cookie mountain replete with candy trails. Sarn lay down joined by Ran and his stuffed bear. Sarn’s magic roiled and tortured him with wails.  Three lights bobbed in air, alighted with care. “We three bring good gifts,” they sang one and all. Ran raised his head, blinked at the three fairies. “You can fix my Papa?” They nodded, all three moved, weaving fairy light and … Continue reading Deck the Mountain’s Halls

Fairies Interrupted

Fairies Interrupted (story continued from A Fool for Christmas) The fairies crouched on a wardrobe, peaked through curving woodwork that crowned the heavy piece. A father and son slept on as they drew power once again from Christmas’ peace. Spinning a web from threads of holiday fun; winding in snow, mistletoe, presents beneath the tree; ho hos, cookie filled days, blended with carols, candle mass and sleighs… until the spell almost burst with good cheer. ‘Fore they could loose it, a voice insisted, a door opened, a man hurried in here. He shook awake the father, insisted that he rise, a lost … Continue reading Fairies Interrupted

A Fool for Christmas

A Fool for Christmas (Picks up where Light the Tree left off) Nolo prayed, “O Lord, listen to our prayers and enlighten the darkness of our minds…” More he said, things ’bout visits and affairs of grace, the rest washed o’er Sarn and couldn’t find a home, so its meaning got lost somewhere between man, prayer and ignorant darkness. Nolo’s wife added a brilliant rose stone to the advent wreath, but e’en that brightness couldn’t enlighten a darkness all his own. So Sarn stood there, as he’d done two Sundays prior, wondering what wreath, tree and waiting time betokened, what would Christmas day require? Some understanding would surely come, … Continue reading A Fool for Christmas

Night Lights

Night Lights Stalks wrapped in lights rose up into the night. The Fungal Forest spread from the river sheltered ‘neath the Enchanted Forest. Bright as sunset, never plain, a world inside that domain, where the wee folk fly about. Naked except for wings, they sit beside glowing ‘shrooms and keep the sacred worm stout. The worm then spins silken threads the wee folk trade with the Tall Ones for red dyes to make colorful draperies for the Mount Folk. In the ceremony, the ‘shrooms they take, to find clarity. Instead their mind’s dazed. They wanted what the wee folk had in spades. ~ ~ ~ Like vignette-style poems? Intrigued by this corner … Continue reading Night Lights