Night Lights

Night Lights

Stalks wrapped in lights rose up into the night.
The Fungal Forest spread from the river
sheltered ‘neath the Enchanted Forest. Bright
as sunset, never plain, a world inside
that domain, where the wee folk fly about.
Naked except for wings, they sit beside
glowing ‘shrooms and keep the sacred worm stout.
The worm then spins silken threads the wee folk
trade with the Tall Ones for red dyes to make
colorful draperies for the Mount Folk.
In the ceremony, the ‘shrooms they take,
to find clarity. Instead their mind’s dazed.
They wanted what the wee folk had in spades.

~ ~ ~

Like vignette-style poems? Intrigued by this corner of my fantasy world? I’ve got lots more of both on my Tales of Shayari page or my Holiday page.

~ ~ ~

Inspired by FFfAW #42 and The Sunday Whirl Wordle #227.

22 thoughts on “Night Lights

        1. Thank you, I think in terms of my other work it’s mediocre. It felt a bit contrived more so than other times I’ve used wordles + images as inspiration but I have had a hard couple of days and that could be why I am unable to cut myself some slack. I really appreciate your kind words.

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