Doors of Mount Eredren: A Sonnet of Shayari


The Doors of Mount Eredren*

Sunlight gilds the mountain’s door. Its carven
with figures, text in languages unknown.
Warnings to the dead carried by ravens?
By those ravens high above the windblown
meadow? More babysitters for door or
warden? While standing sentry, you wonder
what becomes of those who enter. What lures
them to the mountain’s door? Inside blunder
not, for a maze rife with traps awaits you.
False tunnels and sheer drops test passersby.
Perhaps inscribed upon those doors, a clue.
Or a message telling merchants to try.
For those doors hide a fortress city, spread
under the mountain, where thousands once fled.

Decided to take the Prompt Stomp challenge for this week: doors. I wrote a sonnet about the doors of Mount Eredren*, a fortress city carved out from inside a mountain. You can read more about Mount Eredren in Volume one of the Curse Breaker Series.

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