Goodbye Writing 201: A Sonnet



Oh no, what woe, our class ’tis ending. Say
it isn’t so. Goodbyes to make and silence
soon to come where once we chatted and played,
and held discourse of poetic science.

What ho? “But merrily we’ll meet again?”
You say, “Verily, no distance now exists,
‘tween blogs of like intent and purpose. When
minds of poetic intellect insist.”

Poets listen here, no effort is made
in vain. Your words fit perfectly the shape
of your soul. Your inner landscape don’t trade.
Your words shine forth and in success you’re drape’d….

‘Till next we meet in class or in the sphere–
take my respect and awe. Write without fear.

13 thoughts on “Goodbye Writing 201: A Sonnet

    1. Thank you! If you get the tattoo, message me a link. I’d love to see it. I’m glad it resonated with you. A lot of folks on here expressed fear and I wanted to remind them to write without out. Their words have value and need to be expressed.

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    2. I’ve worried in the past about the same thing. More so, will people approve of what I have to say. Recently though, I’ve left that thought behind and I write for me now. It’s very much uplifting to leave that fear behind 🙂

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