Branches twisted, twined, knotted, connecting
each enchanted tree to its neighbor; roots
ripped free of earth, through gaps interweaving,
forming a barricade from crown to roots,
that spanned a thousand feet into the air,
sealing off its hinterland, keeping penned
malformed creatures who eat magic. They spare
no one; they kill all they encounter; penned
they do no harm; their teeth made to rip flesh,
not bark; their poison’s useless and their eyes
don’t mesmerize plants. Keep their neighbor’s flesh
whole, keep the Magic One safe, that’s the prize.
So the enchanted forest’s on locked down;
no one enters, nothing leaves that lock down.

~ ~ ~

Sarn turned a full circle on the mountain’s bluff
taking in the barricaded forest.
He wondered if more traekas lurked; they’re tough
to kill, but with the forest locked, he could rest.
Breathe easier now while that barrier
stood; no outside trouble could threaten.
Worries lifted, he felt light, cheerier
even as he rushed down the slope heartened
by leafy sentinels standing branch-in-branch
against all perils, freeing him to be
himself for the day and not budge an inch
for anything, not while the watch had trees,
and the trees had the watch, the keeping
of all those who’re in the mountain sleeping.

~ ~  ~

Redacted from “The Joust.”

~ ~ ~

Read more about Sarn in the Curse Breaker Saga. Like vignette-style poems? I’ve got lots on my Tales of Shayari page or my Poetic Fantasy page.

~ ~ ~

Prompt courtesy of poetry 101 rehab: lockdown

17 thoughts on “Lockdown

        1. Yes, hoping to have the first part of Sarn’s story out by new year. The writing is nearly done. The sequel will take less time since it’s 90% written. I wrote it before book one. I just need to finish it up and edit, same with book one.

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