Do you Believe in Magic?


Magic in his Eye

Sarn* didn’t believe in magic, no not
even when he woke one morning to light
spilling from his eyes and reports from not
just anyone, but the brother whose sight
he didn’t doubt. Not even when his eyes
painted their cave in greens and dispelled
the shadows that had gathered round like flies.
Dark fled before his emerald gaze bespelled.
“Green fire’s fixed in your eyes like two wheels,
ringed about by white and pierced by darkness,”
said his brother, Miren, rubbing his heels.
Hero-worship filled his eyes–what madness
now realized? For Sarn had done no worthy
deed save find a place where life let them be.

~ ~ ~
*Read more of Sarn’s story {in prose} in the Curse Breaker Saga.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?”