If You Leave – A Daily Post Sonnet

If You Leave If you leave, I’ll follow,  Ran thought as he spread his short arms in a hug. He didn’t say any of this to the father whose knee he sat. His father held him, but didn’t say how this parting hurt him; how he wanted to take his son with him on a journey far to find the woman, who in dreams, haunted him. In her own tragedy, she now stars. His father left; Bear’s button eyes regard Ran from his rucksack and courage they give. Pack on back, he sneaks past sitter, door guard, and Rangers on patrol. He wouldn’t live one day … Continue reading If You Leave – A Daily Post Sonnet

Careful – Kung Fu Fighting Butterflies Ahead!

Kung Fu Fighting Butterflies They were kung fu fighting, those butterflies, and grappling for a hold. Their wings’re upraised out of the way; their eyes are on the prize. Through first one round and then two, they grazed each other, neither gave ground, so on they fought into the twilight. Lightning bugs zipped by to light the ring while crickets and ants sought the best odds on who’d win by a flyby. They are kung fu fighting, still in the ring and grappling. Neither butterfly has won yet but their bout goes on ’till the birds sing and begin to gad about, then … Continue reading Careful – Kung Fu Fighting Butterflies Ahead!

A Dream Out of Reach – A Daily Post Sonnet #2

A Dream Out of Reach On the field of glory, his armor bright, the knight sat his white steed ready to ride. He extended his hand, asked if Sarn might: “Ride for truth. Ride for one and for all. Ride for justice and peace. Ride out now with me.” The sun gilded the knight, made him too bright. He shined with all Sarn had wanted to be. Take that hand and his life would be so right… A tug on his pant leg, a whispered word, “Papa,” interrupted the dream, breaking the dream on his son‘s face, that had captured … Continue reading A Dream Out of Reach – A Daily Post Sonnet #2

Out of Reach – A Daily Prompt Sonnet

Out of Reach ‘Twas no toy upon  high shelf that caught his eye, no bright ball rolling down a hole either, not some child’s toy that could be bought, nothing so droll as that for this boy’s goal. His little fingers strained to touch the magic rising around him in concentric spheres. Shimmering green, translucent–a magic bubble cast by his father sleeping near. Light created it, light dribbling out his father’s closed eyes, made by fear of loss for his precious son, a child who without that shield would be visible to the boss. The bad man walking by scanning the dark for … Continue reading Out of Reach – A Daily Prompt Sonnet

Seven Words – A Sonnet for the Daily Post

Seven Words Seven Wonders described with seven words. Seven words separate understanding from confusion. Do less words go unheard when all the work, seven words are doing? Khalil Gibran once said, “that people will never understand one another [‘less] language is reduced to seven words.” Still, to discuss science we need more not less. To define reality, we need more than seven words but there is One who needs even less, one who began with no more than one word, making all life when decreed. Seven words are all I need to express how much you mean to me, but I digress. – – – … Continue reading Seven Words – A Sonnet for the Daily Post

Your Design – (Extra)ordinary

Your Design ‘Tween two ice sheets on a road, there bubbles gold as pavement heats and ice melts away. Caught in that swift rushing current, unable to flee, a piece of winter castaway and shoved towards the grate to flow river-wards. In the bubbles’ shine I see your paintbrush, evidence of your attention, my Lord. I study your work while everyone rushes past ignoring the clues you left hidden in ordinary things, small spectacles, for those who search the small details, even ice melting on a road, for particles of the divine, or lacking that, a sign that you stood here and crafted this design. – … Continue reading Your Design – (Extra)ordinary

A Sonnet by the Dots – The Daily Post

By the Dots I play by the dots, connect them, throw them at the walls to see what sticks. Drop them out the window to see if they bounce, cut them, twist ’em round, stretch ’till they break, wring them out, shoot out their holes, fling them into outer space to see if they’ll orbit or break out– but they fall meteorite bright booster rocket broken to land smack dab center of my prose and punctuate my rambling woes–how dare you add exclamation points, periods, commas, colons– you bumbling dots quit fumbling my meaning, appoint another task for that damn question … Continue reading A Sonnet by the Dots – The Daily Post

Brainwave + A Thank You = A Sonnet + A Picture

The best idea I’ve ever had was to start this blog. I’ve “met” (digitally speaking) so many wonderful people through it and I’ve grown as a writer. By “grown” I’m referring to all the poetry and the prose posts that didn’t contain my epic fantasy series. I’ve learned from all of you and drawn inspiration from your comments and posts. Today, I just wanted to stop and say: Thank You Thank you, dear reader, for visiting my, blog, reading, liking posts and commenting. Thank you, my fellow classmates for sharing your poems, know that this is not goodbye. Thank you … Continue reading Brainwave + A Thank You = A Sonnet + A Picture

Do you Believe in Magic?

Magic in his Eye Sarn* didn’t believe in magic, no not even when he woke one morning to light spilling from his eyes and reports from not just anyone, but the brother whose sight he didn’t doubt. Not even when his eyes painted their cave in greens and dispelled the shadows that had gathered round like flies. Dark fled before his emerald gaze bespelled. “Green fire’s fixed in your eyes like two wheels, ringed about by white and pierced by darkness,” said his brother, Miren, rubbing his heels. Hero-worship filled his eyes–what madness now realized? For Sarn had done no worthy deed save find a place where … Continue reading Do you Believe in Magic?

Bragging Rights (and a Sonnet of course!)

I wrote one sestina, 3 crowns of sonnets and 15 sonnet one-offs in the last two weeks. If that’s not brag-worthy, I don’t know what is! And here’s another one…they just keep writing themselves… Sonnet Fever I’m feeling like a diamond in the sky, a dancing diamond, throwing off camera sensors. Causing lens flares and sparks to fly! I’m a dancing diamond, a chimera, one that’s bragging in her latest sonnet. It’s all that writing class’ fault that I can’t stop composing really good sonnets! Someone help me! I can’t stop writing, I– need help. Quick call sonnets anonymous. Get some poetic … Continue reading Bragging Rights (and a Sonnet of course!)

(Extra)Ordinary: a Picture & a Battleship {Sonnet}

Battleship Battle stations. General quarters sounds. Take your places. All hands brace for impact. Turn that dial. Crank that lever. The hounds of hell are on our tail. Windscreen is cracked. Someone get eyes on that boat. “Cap’n, it’s on our six,” says the midshipman. “We need more speed right now before we’re blown to bits.” On us, they’ve drawn a bead. Our radar reads a firing solution. Take the shot then fire at will. Man down and overboard– Someone toss a life preserver before he drowns. Deploy decoys. Ahead a fjord! We won’t scuttle. We’ve still got torpedoes. We’ll … Continue reading (Extra)Ordinary: a Picture & a Battleship {Sonnet}

Patron Saint: A Sonnet for the Daily Post

Patron Saint Saint of sestinas, sonnets and robots, patron of science and sweet baking cakes, why limit yourself to worshipful tots? When you could be prayed to by handsome rakes? Rolex wearing and luxury driving cheapskates? Neon halos cap steeples in crisp mega-storied cities; they’re falling into ruin. Its’ patrons are dice’n and betting on saints. Where’s their halos now? Their ivory gowns and soft folded wings? Do prayers wing to them? Does grief make them bow down and weep? On bended knee do they sing of a better world not yet brought to earth? Oh patron saint, bring that new … Continue reading Patron Saint: A Sonnet for the Daily Post