Brainwave + A Thank You = A Sonnet + A Picture


The best idea I’ve ever had was to start this blog. I’ve “met” (digitally speaking) so many wonderful people through it and I’ve grown as a writer. By “grown” I’m referring to all the poetry and the prose posts that didn’t contain my epic fantasy series. I’ve learned from all of you and drawn inspiration from your comments and posts. Today, I just wanted to stop and say:

Thank You

Thank you, dear reader, for visiting my,
blog, reading, liking posts and commenting.
Thank you, my fellow classmates for sharing
your poems, know that this is not goodbye.

Thank you for bloggers who never deny
their creativity,  supply reading
material for those days when writing
just won’t flow. Yes thanks to all who stand by

and support my web publishing venture
on WordPressFacebook, Google Plus, Linked
In or Medium, without you I would

stand alone, adrift in this adventure.
Thank you all who, write without fear, you winked
at despair and wrote, but you understood.

Not my usual rhyme scheme but I thought I’d give ABBA, ABBA, CDE, CDE a try. Not sure I like it.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brainwave.”

3 thoughts on “Brainwave + A Thank You = A Sonnet + A Picture

  1. Here! Here! Well-said, my friend… I am sure I echos many sentiments from your readers that we have enjoyed your sharing…have a great day!


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