In Your Footprints: a Pic and a Word Challenge Prompt

In Your Footprints

Better is one day in your courts. So I
followed you into the desert, my king
and my God. I stepped where you had trod, I
go on as unfettered as you to sing
your praises. Better is one day under
your rule and that’s why I must follow through.
Sand stings my eyes; sun burns my skin; blunders
cause me to slide; the vast empty sky skews
my perception, leaving me so confused.
I go on and your tracks begin anew
over the next sand dune. I’m burned and bruised
but I rise; I see you ahead, you knew
I’d come ’cause better is one day with you,
even in the desert, than without you.


19 thoughts on “In Your Footprints: a Pic and a Word Challenge Prompt

  1. I think I didn’t capitalize the I at the start of my comment. This admission is the grammarian’s. I am sorry, I. (I think I’m too used to MS Word automatically capitalizing things, even though that feature is annoying.)

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  2. i really enjoy your crafting here. It reads like an ancient song out of Egypt or other exotic place. The open need that comes through so completely here is fascinating. You describe devotion in a way that’s authentic. Thank you!

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