Out of Reach – A Daily Prompt Sonnet


Out of Reach

‘Twas no toy upon  high shelf that caught
his eye, no bright ball rolling down a hole
either, not some child’s toy that could be bought,
nothing so droll as that for this boy’s goal.
His little fingers strained to touch the magic
rising around him in concentric spheres.
Shimmering green, translucent–a magic
bubble cast by his father sleeping near.
Light created it, light dribbling out
his father’s closed eyes, made by fear of loss
for his precious son, a child who without
that shield would be visible to the boss.
The bad man walking by scanning the dark
for a young mage, or barring that, a spark.

~ ~ ~

This poem is based on a scene from my forthcoming book. The boy referenced in the poem is Ran. His father, Sarn, is the protagonist in the Curse Breaker Saga. There’s also a sonnet about him, read it here.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Your Reach.”

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