Rumble in the Enchanted Forest – A Photo-Fiction Prompt Sonnet

Rumble in the Enchanted Forest

Changing skin, trading fur for red jacket
slim, hands in pockets cold, the enchanted
forest’s always watching, got no hatchet
wouldn’t hack it even those slanted
magicked weeds wouldn’t know. Wolves confront me,
glare at my red jacket wanting action.
Dropping my jacket, I attack with glee.
My claws tear them into bloody fractions.
Fight’s done, I grab my jacket put it back
on as the trees shiver, shaking loose bark
projectiles, silent splinters shot that dive
bomb, aimed to kill; I zigzag through the dark
’round giant trees spewing darts, must survive…
Ahead I hear shouts, Rangers come to save,
and arrest that red jacket wearing knave.

~ ~ ~

This poem is loosely based on the fools who start trouble in my enchanted forest. The forest has three rules. Violate them at your peril. Want to read more about the enchanted forest and its method of getting payback? Check out the first part of the Curse Breaker Saga.

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