Curse Breaker: Enchanted is Coming

Pre-order Curse Breaker: Enchanted on 6.27.16 and meet Sarn, a troubled young man who lives two lives–one by day raising his son in a perilous place where freedom is a commodity and one by night as an indentured servant working off his younger brother’s school debt under the Rangers’ supervision. Both his worlds collide when a child is murdered in the enchanted forest. A child who is also kin to magic just like him and his son. Continue reading Curse Breaker: Enchanted is Coming

Curse Breaker | Falling

Curse Breaker | Falling Sarn gave the forest one backwards glance just to confirm that neither Nolo nor any other Rangers had appeared. Trees stood by watching him, no doubt waiting for him to make a move. Was this all a cruel game to them? His hands curled into fists; he was no one’s pawn. Other than the wind rustling leaves high above, he heard shouts that grew more distant the longer he stood there. Let those shouts not be about him. Let Nolo find someone else to badger. Didn’t he need to report all this madness to his superior? … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Falling

Curse Breaker | Rift

Curse Breaker | Rift Sarn ran back towards the bodies. Dread dogged him. A branch shot out at chest level and Sarn struck it hard enough to bruise. He had managed to slow enough to keep from breaking anything but the impact still drove the breath from him. He ducked under the impediment and then had to throw himself backwards to avoid a head injury as more branches leapt into his path. He watched in horror as the ground opened up and that child’s body, along with all the others, toppled into it. He couldn’t tear his gaze away. The … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Rift

Curse Breaker | Tell me

Tell me | Curse Breaker Part 8 of Curse Breaker: Enchanted, vol 1 (if you missed a part, you can find it here, on its Table of Contents. picks up where Master left off.) One word stood out from the stones’ din. That word slipped and slid in his mind evading his understanding. It didn’t want to be understood. Twenty feet on the stones in Nolo’s bracelet fell silent. The word escaped in the sudden quiet leaving behind a symbolic after-image–a circle with flanges shoring it up. What did it mean? Great, something to figure out later. A tug on his arm yanked … Continue reading Curse Breaker | Tell me

Shopping with Mages

Shopping with Mages (and why you shouldn’t EVER take a mage shopping…) [Picks up where Button Holed left off] Water swirled past, sails lay slack and gathered, rowers plied their oars moving the trireme down the River Nirthal. Winter withered what autumn left behind, a color scheme spare and dark where naked trees stood sleeping the winter’s sleep, dreaming of greening spring days. What the hell was he doing here standing ’round staring as trees slide by in a daze? Roped into a shopping trip despite doubts about the holiday they went to shop– “Do you know what this Christmas day’s about?” “No school that day,” … Continue reading Shopping with Mages

The Rusted King and the Drum

The Rusted King and the Drum (Picks up where Between Dreams and Boats left off) Rusted nails twisted into a diadem. Three blood stones set in place of precious jewels. On a scrap heap he sprawled with a ripped hem. The King of Nimbledon, liege-lord of fools, price of thieves and bully boys–pay him heed all you creatures of the night, pickpockets, lock breakers, streetwalkers. Orphans bend knee to this tyrant, who reigns with a socket wrench for a scepter that calls all to order. His court of thugs, cheats and scruffy children wait to see who’ll be nailed to the girder. … Continue reading The Rusted King and the Drum