13 Spells

Here are thirteen 13-word tales. Enjoy.


Ink, words mixed
thirteen times.
Stirred magic.
A ring kissed
set the spell.


Stars spelled out future woe
and danced to the music of the spheres.


A ring kissed
bespelled a cloud
lassoed it,
dragged it down
grounded it.


Spells trapped in grimoires,
anchored in lexicons of runes,
writing made them mundane.


Magic stirred and
cast a spell on the wayward witch
before she could.


To set the spell,
toss rosemary with rue
rap three times with a shoe.


Thirteen times he spun the dial
enthralled by the vault safeguarding the spell.


Stars cast their spell
through horoscope and telescope,
enchant our sky-gazing eyes.


Future woe’s predicted
with cat’s cradle
and quick fingers
manipulating destiny’s tenebrous strings.


She danced
and her precise footwork
outlined the spell’s parameters.
Stopping released it.


He played,
whistled up
a demon on demand
wrapped him in music’s spell.


Spheres spun,
celestial in the apocalyptic doom
left behind when the spell shattered.


Thirteen times
he inked
thirteen words
his spell-wrought prison–
a ring.

Jade M. Wong challenged me to write a 13-word story. I told her I’d have to write a series of them because micro stories aren’t my thing. Here is the result.

Thank you to SHAPESHIFTING 13 #69 KICKOFF for the prompt “spell” hence the repetition of the word in each 13-word micro story.

This was written for the pure fun of it, so I’ll skip the contest since I violated the rules by writing more than one 13-word story. My imagination chafes at rules. It can’t be constrained.

20 thoughts on “13 Spells

  1. This was brilliant! You really took the challenge and gave it a Melinda twist 😀 I especially loved the parallelism here. You started the story with a ring, and it’s aptly ended with the ring as well. Nicely done!


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