Curse Breaker | Tell me

Tell me | Curse Breaker

Part 8 of Curse Breaker: Enchanted, vol 1

(if you missed a part, you can find it here, on its Table of Contents.
picks up where Master left off.)

One word stood out from the stones’ din. That word slipped and slid in his mind evading his understanding. It didn’t want to be understood. Twenty feet on the stones in Nolo’s bracelet fell silent. The word escaped in the sudden quiet leaving behind a symbolic after-image–a circle with flanges shoring it up. What did it mean? Great, something to figure out later.

A tug on his arm yanked him out of his reverie and propelled him down the trail. Nolo kept his peace after firming his grip on Sarn’s arm and so did Gregori, who played rear guard. Not that their little party needed guarding.

His unwanted sixth sense stretched out beyond his immediate radius and began identifying every rock within a hundred feet of him–-information he neither needed nor wanted while he walked within spitting distance of a mountain. However, the deluge of details drowned out the stones in Nolo’s bracelet.

Sarn struggled, wrestling with that damned sixth sense. It fought back, twisting and bucking, trying to throw off the control he imposed on it. Twice  he tripped over unseen obstacles as the battle raged inside his own head. Twice Nolo hauled backwards on his arm to arrest the fall. Neither time met with any success.

Battle for control
fight magic with iron will
sanity’s at stake.
Reign in that sixth sense before
you drown in information.

~ ~ ~

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After an enchanted tree abducts Sarn, he’s thrust into a mystery revolving around a double homicide. Can Sarn protect his son, keep his masters happy and help the dead boy haunting him?

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    1. Thank you for continuing to read my story. It sounds like you’re enjoying it and after the horrible day I had yesterday, that makes me smile. Thank you for giving me a reason to smile today. Sarn would love to know the answer to the question. I promise you, it’s worth the wait 🙂


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