Get Curse Breaker: Enchanted for $0.99!

Click to Get Curse Breaker: Enchanted for $0.99 today!

When magic commits murder, it draws Sarn into a deadly shell game. He’s in a race against time to uncover the truth before something wicked targets his secret son.  Get your copy of this year’s best fantastic mystery for $0.99 from now until the new year!

Get Curse Breaker: Enchanted


Get Curse Breaker: Enchanted

We’re ready to send a copy to your kindle or amazon kindle reading app. Just head over to Amazon by clicking this link and pick up a copy today!

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14 thoughts on “Get Curse Breaker: Enchanted for $0.99!

    1. It should be. I don’t know why is not but I’m doing a countdown sale on 12 am GMT Dec. 5 – 12 am gmt Dec. 12. Those were the earliest dates I could get. Amazon doesn’t allow sales in different marketplacea to run concurrently.

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