Contrivance – One Word Photo Challenge

Contrivance In chrome it gleams; at the bottom of pots, it waits. In my fridge it chills, though it still beckons. More insistent than dark chocolate, it baits me with visions of green valleys; dead-on in my sights, an Enchanted Forest spreads. Dragons ride the thermals and cats foretell, offering beach blanket fliers not bread, but bowls of soup to sup upon while spell Cat winds with words both old and kind of times when heroes rode, a Child of Magic strode and sword made whole when right healed the old crime which drove a line of men onto shame’s road. Reflected in glass on my appliance, is … Continue reading Contrivance – One Word Photo Challenge


Masks He toweled birth fluids off his hands; the colt tottered to his mum’s waiting teat to eat. A tickle in his mind, a soft slide, no jolt, just a smile as the connection that cheats the miles ‘tween his mind and mom’s cemented. Her much-missed voice in his head, soft and sweet, praised the colt he’d helped birth; sad news dented his mirth; his captive grandpa’s dead; grief beat him down, twelve years of mind-talk, no contact, not safe ma’d said. He kicked the mask, pining. No masked fete for him, not when this contact had broken his heart. “Are the stars shining?” mom asked. He tilted his head, … Continue reading Masks

Out of Reach – A Daily Prompt Sonnet

Out of Reach ‘Twas no toy upon  high shelf that caught his eye, no bright ball rolling down a hole either, not some child’s toy that could be bought, nothing so droll as that for this boy’s goal. His little fingers strained to touch the magic rising around him in concentric spheres. Shimmering green, translucent–a magic bubble cast by his father sleeping near. Light created it, light dribbling out his father’s closed eyes, made by fear of loss for his precious son, a child who without that shield would be visible to the boss. The bad man walking by scanning the dark for … Continue reading Out of Reach – A Daily Prompt Sonnet