Curse Breaker | Rift

Curse Breaker | Rift

Sarn ran back towards the bodies. Dread dogged him. A branch shot out at chest level and Sarn struck it hard enough to bruise. He had managed to slow enough to keep from breaking anything but the impact still drove the breath from him. He ducked under the impediment and then had to throw himself backwards to avoid a head injury as more branches leapt into his path.

He watched in horror as the ground opened up and that child’s body, along with all the others, toppled into it. He couldn’t tear his gaze away. The green eyed boy’s body flopped down into the chasm’s heart before dirt rained down on his corpse. The pale shape that had been a child vanished under an expanding pile of dirt.

Then he ran chased by the dead child’s face. His boots skipped light as a windblown leaf over the churning ground. A hand had clenched around his heart yanking him back to Mount Eredren—to another child with those same piercing green eyes. A boy who wore his face, whom he had hidden before rushing to meet the Rangers.

He poured on more speed and the forest giants to his right and left flashed by. A cleft in a rockwall loomed in front of him but he didn’t slow or veer around it. Instead he rushed headlong towards that vertical bar of black.

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    1. A hero has to have a few shortcomings, though I am sure it benefits Sarn more than he is worried about what his superiors think 🙂

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  1. Ohhh. The scene, the horrible scene haunted Sarn that is why he run in full speed. I know he is safe, but I hope he’ll show up to Nolo. That last sentence make me think of a rather bad punishment for Sarn.

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