If You Leave – A Daily Post Sonnet


If You Leave

If you leave, I’ll follow,  Ran thought as he
spread his short arms in a hug. He didn’t say
any of this to the father whose knee
he sat. His father held him, but didn’t say
how this parting hurt him; how he wanted
to take his son with him on a journey far
to find the woman, who in dreams, haunted
him. In her own tragedy, she now stars.

His father left; Bear’s button eyes regard
Ran from his rucksack and courage they give.
Pack on back, he sneaks past sitter, door guard,
and Rangers on patrol. He wouldn’t live
one day without his father, not when find
him he could, and so find him, he did.

 ~ ~ ~

Ran is Sarn’s son. Ran and Sarn’s story begins here. The mystery girl, the reason she appears in dreams and why Sarn can’t remember her are recounted in a forth coming kindle book. I’ve given you enough spoilers for one day. 😉

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

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