Rain Down: A Writing 201 Rehab Prompt {Sonnet}


Rain Down

Shiny rivers slithered down the window
to the steady adagio beating
of the rain pouring outside my window.
A sunset road, the rain decorating
it with mirrored puddles. Droplets refract
garish street lights–turning the rain citrine
and ruby as cars pass. They drag light tracks
behind that become streaks of light on screens
of falling water that tug evening on,
unfurling a darker screen for light to
play upon. To those glistening drops drawn,
the eyes go as the rain’s reflections skews
the world into a reverie too soon
gone, but it’s memory remains a boon.

Do you miss the Writing 201 Poetry course by the Daily Post? If so, then join this blogging challenge and let the poetry flow! This week’s prompt is rain.

also in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”

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