Shayari – Where I Write – Writing 101 #6

This is my place to write

(in my mind but not in physical reality)



A rolling land, with mountains tall and mist
shrouded, whose snow capped peaks launch eagles high,
where old forests roam, intelligence-kissed
by magic writ by a mage who was high,
where Guardians ride, crystal swords flashing
in the sun and villages perch in trees
tangled up in magic and true knowing,
where cities sprawl in valleys blasted free
of trees by ancient weapons, now barren
those crater-cities where nothing will grow
despite rivers that flow through the warren
to the inland freshwater sea that knows
a secret hides in its depths, to border
sacrifice made and its keep out order.

~ ~ ~

In reality I write anywhere that I am. Usually that means laptop in hand where I stand at home or at my desk at work in between projects. Sometimes I Write and Roam or I type while I am dancing. I am a body in motion.

(I did mention on the About Me page that I am a weird. If you need more proof, read about my Imaginary Friends.)

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  1. loool amazing imaginary place! You writing while dancing I’d love to see that! Anyway I have no suggestion like I guess anything from your mind will be perfectly good!

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