Photo-Fiction Challenge #3 – Travelor


He dreamed of enchanted trees that spanned from
earth to sky, heard its call in his marrow.
To the Holy City, Morfane, he’d come
but its cathedrals’ hope for tomorrow
couldn’t ensnare his heart. That organ belonged
to Shayari’s green valleys. Her siren song
pulled him from inn to road, where he belonged.
On wards he trod to that place where all wrongs
were righted. Where good men dwelt in green dreams.
Past urban wonders his peasant eyes scarce
noticed. For they had fixed on that seam
‘tween dreams and waking where the boundary scarce
existed and one might pass unhindered
the magic shield, to live with his kindred.

~ ~ ~

This sonnet reveals some of Nolo’s backstory; something that’s only hinted at in the first book of the Curse Breaker Saga. Centuries ago, a mage sacrificed his life to create a magic barrier that keeps everyone of ill intent out. Thus over time, Shayari faded into myth for the people living outside her borders. Meanwhile the folks within its confines went on about their daily lives; they would have laughed if they had realized that they had become a legend. Even if you mean Shayari and its folk no harm, you can’t find the country unless you belong there. Thus adding anther layer to the myth and making it a popular destination for the world’s poor and disenfranchised.

Prompt courtesy of: Photo-Fiction Challenge #3

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