Fairies Interrupted

Christmas Balls (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

Fairies Interrupted

(story continued from A Fool for Christmas)

The fairies crouched on a wardrobe, peaked through
curving woodwork that crowned the heavy piece.
A father and son slept on as they drew
power once again from Christmas’ peace.
Spinning a web from threads of holiday
fun; winding in snow, mistletoe, presents
beneath the tree; ho hos, cookie filled days,
blended with carols, candle mass and sleighs…
until the spell almost burst with good cheer.
‘Fore they could loose it, a voice insisted,
a door opened, a man hurried in here.
He shook awake the father, insisted
that he rise, a lost soul needed finding.
In the Enchanted forest, that’s binding.

~ ~ ~

The fairies had a think and a sulk too
as they let Christmas’ power dissipate.
People have no respect for fairies who
work at keeping all the holidays straight.

Blind to the lights dancing on the wardrobe,
Ran left the bedroom dragging his stuffed bear.
Without Papa there, even the wardrobe
seemed sinister, so to Inari, bear
and he went, crawling under the covers
by the woman he wanted for a mom.
“Can’t sleep?” she asked and a bright smile hovered.
He nodded, she hugged him, knowing as moms
do what chewed his heart, abandoned by birth
mom, he had only his father on earth.

~ ~ ~

So she hugged him tight, his small body nestled
close as the night passed; day dawned with no sight
of her husband or Sarn; so they wrestled
with worry ov’r breakfast by the tree’s light.
Still no news, as she set cookies to cool.
They’d erected half a gingerbread house,
Ran knelt on a stool, tears began to pool,
then slid down his nose, dripped onto the house
making the half frosted roof tiles shimmer.
“He’ll be back soon,” she crooned, hugging him close.
He cried, “Papa’s hurt and the tree’s dimmer.”
The Christmas tree seemed less bright and it’s dose
of holiday cheer was muted, instead
of joy, worry ov’r shadowed it with dread.

~ ~ ~

The story continues in Winter Solstice: The Longest Night.

Follow Sarn’s Advent Journey

~ ~ ~

Inspired by the holiday season and the Sunday Whirl #229. This is childhood revisited. (and there are circles…)



16 thoughts on “Fairies Interrupted

    1. Ran will be fine; he’s very sensitive. I have a blockbuster for tomorrow. 🙂 Just need to finish it and then we’re back to the fun holiday stuff. I had to put in a work sequence because Sarn does work a lot and in the books, his time is evenly divided between work and his son. .Things have been very skewed in the holiday sequence because I had to cut out most of the book’s plot so I could focus on the holiday stuff. So I had to correct that imbalance.


        1. Yes–Inari put her foot down on that one since he has a young son. Though I’m not sure about that evening. Once he started living with Nolo and his family (not by choice) his schedule got rather irregular. In the earlier books, he worked every night unless they took pity on him because they liked to keep an eye on him and his wayward magic. Some nights it’s less like physical work and more like detention.

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