Follow Yonder Star

Follow Yonder Star (Picks up where Magicians and Magi left off) Sarn woke to a strange sight; camels processed under a sky dominated by light from a huge star that westward proceeded. The caravan followed its royal light. “The star guides us,” Ran said from his place camel- back, perched on a pile of gifts, carefully wrapped. “Who’re they?” Sarn asked as dunes passed untrammeled by moor or mount, field or fountain; untapped, its power pooled; he felt it even mounted; that was a wonder ’cause no beast would bear him ‘cept this camel; Ran jumped onto Sarn’s mount. Caught by magic and arms, … Continue reading Follow Yonder Star

Fairies Interrupted

Fairies Interrupted (story continued from A Fool for Christmas) The fairies crouched on a wardrobe, peaked through curving woodwork that crowned the heavy piece. A father and son slept on as they drew power once again from Christmas’ peace. Spinning a web from threads of holiday fun; winding in snow, mistletoe, presents beneath the tree; ho hos, cookie filled days, blended with carols, candle mass and sleighs… until the spell almost burst with good cheer. ‘Fore they could loose it, a voice insisted, a door opened, a man hurried in here. He shook awake the father, insisted that he rise, a lost … Continue reading Fairies Interrupted

Shopping with Mages

Shopping with Mages (and why you shouldn’t EVER take a mage shopping…) [Picks up where Button Holed left off] Water swirled past, sails lay slack and gathered, rowers plied their oars moving the trireme down the River Nirthal. Winter withered what autumn left behind, a color scheme spare and dark where naked trees stood sleeping the winter’s sleep, dreaming of greening spring days. What the hell was he doing here standing ’round staring as trees slide by in a daze? Roped into a shopping trip despite doubts about the holiday they went to shop– “Do you know what this Christmas day’s about?” “No school that day,” … Continue reading Shopping with Mages

The Bloodcrow

The Bloodcrow Through an aperture, he saw the Bloodcrow sift through the bodies scattered on the track. Dread hammered nails in his apathy, sowed a frantic beat in his veins, magic jacked… “Papa, wake up. You’re having a bad dream.” Small hands patted Sarn’s face, empyreal radiance cut ‘cross the scene in green beams. His magic threw the dream, reached for the real. Ran pancaked into a relieved embrace. Sarn blinked away that dream but its presence lingered like a whalebone in a back brace– still pressing its unwanted influence. “Why you not have good dreams?” Ran still held tight. “‘Cause fanatics did bad things in … Continue reading The Bloodcrow

The Match

The Match Cyprus’ ringside seats enabled him to watch the match. Who’d leave in a coffin? The acrobat tumbled, his strength let him toss the mawkish gawker out on his fin. Through the hawker’s hand lapis lazuli beads slid, clicking, blocking Cyprus’ view. The stench of brimstone warned he’d better lie low ‘fore the serum wore off. Sweat bedew his forehead, his arm pits, deodorant’s failure, its obsolescence in process. Then his human skin molted and the chant began quickening the change in the press. A demon spilled forth ending the death match. Everyone left without coffin or scratch. ~ ~ ~ Like vignette-style sonnets? Want … Continue reading The Match