Words scrawled on the wall erode by magic,
as it eats away at the paint, renders
the writer’s message in tragic
lines that blur, but don’t fade as the number
of viewers rises to include a young
man, illiterate, who sees only lines,
takes away no meaning nor does his young
son who’s tugging his hand, pulling out of line,
not interested at this time in words
written by adults on stone walls, left for
people who don’t have adventures; forwards,
he wants to go where there’s just canvas for
life to paint fantastic landscapes, simple
pleasures or destinies without ripples.

 ~ ~ ~

Inspired by Poetry 101’s prompt graffiti.

33 thoughts on “graffiti

  1. I love this! Every line speaks the reality of the nature of graffiti, and the reactions of people towards graffiti – a lot of people don’t think about graffiti much as they look at if they have more engaging things in mind (me included).
    I don’t think I can look at graffiti without pondering about the meaning behind it anymore!

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  2. Looking at grafitti as simply lines makes me really think. Is there more to their message than the words that often are prominent? Very good interpretation of the prompt and thanks for tagging me as it helps me to sort through all the possibilities during this course! 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 oh you’re welcome. I’ve been tagged a few times and it helped me so I thought I’d return the favor. Sometimes I can’t read the graffiti because the letters are so embellished. At those times I can only look at the lines and wonder at the meaning.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 since Sarn is illiterate he would see only the lines but he might not realize that he’s looking at words unless he had his brother with him. His brother is literate and could read the writing to him. He won’t ask anyone else though because he’s ashamed that he can’t read


  3. That was a profound and vividly described scene, Melinda. The idea of an illiterate man and his son not being interested in written words, and just being interested in their own adventures, and find their own destiny is beautifully rendered. My question is: Does one NEED to be literate to enjoy good graffiti?

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