Tell No Tales

Tell No Tales (picks up where Santa’s Flight ends) The sleigh parked before that terrible wall of color chased light, a screen of dancing images, each scene a brick in the wall. “My part in this tale ends here; seek the King across yonder wall,” Santa held a hand age-spotted out as his pow’r ebbed away. “Christmas eve is ended,” he waved his hand at dawn rising behind, turning all gray. “The night departs, so must I ’till next year. Your path continues through there if you’ve heart to try, redeeming grace will see you clear.” Sarn looked at that great wall–where to e’en start? His … Continue reading Tell No Tales

Grandma Hitches a Ride with Santa

Grandma Hitches a Ride with Santa (Follows Berry Wight, picks up with Sarn’s grandmother, Leesha) ‘Twas the night before Christmas when she stirred, a blind woman from her treetop abode. Through the wooded vale she trudged, her thoughts whirred, circled about regret ’cause she’s not bold. No time left now that death’s velvet hand touches hers, its cold presence walks beside, offers no aid when her rag-wrapped foot, the root clutches. Leaning on her staff, her magic buffers, keeps her from harm, with its small witchery. Rising, she feels about, finds the path and the way, to a grandson she’s spied through trickery. Her … Continue reading Grandma Hitches a Ride with Santa

Berry Wight

Berry Wight (Picks up where Winter Wights and the Battle of the Bells left off) The enchanted branches overhanging the battle of the bells, songs and wits, wept red drops that rolled into berries, hanging first in singles, then bunches watched by rapt crowds who squealed and charged into the forest intent on picking those magicked berries. Missionaries backed away, not God-blessed this miracle that made the crowd merry. “What the trees give, you take without complaint,” said one man stuffing berries in his pockets. Sarn nodded, piled berries without constraint on his cloak helped by Ran who rocketed ’bout picking fruit, smiling, humming … Continue reading Berry Wight

Winter Wights and the Battle of the Bells

Winter Wights (Picks up where Sleigh Ride left off) Over the hills they went, dashing through vales and around mountain’s feet into Shayari. They turned west to follow the star’s bright tail. Skating down the River Nirthal, a plea made them stop and Ran jumped out of the sleigh. Women with ivy in their braided hair, danced in a ring, weaving voices that pray into polyphonic bliss on the air. They broke ranks to tie ribbons on the boughs of the enchanted forest, each a prayer fluttering for someone lost that year, though still remembered by those death spared that year. “Momma,” Ran said and nothing … Continue reading Winter Wights and the Battle of the Bells

Deck the Mountain’s Halls

Deck the Mountain’s Halls (Picks up where Fools & Farewells left off) Hot chocolate gone, cold gnawing on his skin, Sarn traded the terrace for the warm suite. He found his son affixing with frostin’, a gingerbread balcony to a sweet cookie mountain replete with candy trails. Sarn lay down joined by Ran and his stuffed bear. Sarn’s magic roiled and tortured him with wails.  Three lights bobbed in air, alighted with care. “We three bring good gifts,” they sang one and all. Ran raised his head, blinked at the three fairies. “You can fix my Papa?” They nodded, all three moved, weaving fairy light and … Continue reading Deck the Mountain’s Halls

Star of Change

Star of Change Said the night wind to people standing there, do you know what glows, people, way up high? A star, a star, of change, shining right there. It’ll bring change where’er it’s light passes by. Oh star of wonder, star of night, royal star whose shining eye regards our abode. On that silent night, when long knives, their toil cease; their owners sleep; their rage, peace erodes. Like a dove, peace descends in radiant light on that silent night when all is calm, all is bright, to alight on aspirants who struggle for peace ’till it’s in their palms. For them that star shines, torches … Continue reading Star of Change