Star of Change

Star of Change

Said the night wind to people standing there,
do you know what glows, people, way up high?
A star, a star, of change, shining right there.
It’ll bring change where’er it’s light passes by.

Oh star of wonder, star of night, royal
star whose shining eye regards our abode.
On that silent night, when long knives, their toil
cease; their owners sleep; their rage, peace erodes.

Like a dove, peace descends in radiant
light on that silent night when all is calm,
all is bright, to alight on aspirants
who struggle for peace ’till it’s in their palms.

For them that star shines, torches dark places
in the hearts as it passes, leaving grace.

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  1. ah, a beautiful gift to us from you from carols and inspiration of working with that choir…I love how we can find the muse in all we do…this is beautiful Melinda 🙂

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