The Perfect Stone

wreath (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

The Perfect Stone

(Picks up where Light the Wreath left off)

Seeking the perfect one, Ran touched the stones.
“Make them glow,” he said; Sarn touched them; they lit,
’til he moved his hand away. “Pick one stone.”
Ran piled the stones up and smiled for his bit.

A voice cried out, “make a way for the Lord.”
Again he cried, “make straight a path for God.”
A ragged man passed, eyes afire for this ‘Lord’
with zealous light as he shouted for his God.

Sarn shook his head, “I can’t afford that pile.”
“Make more money,” Ran shrugged, the answer clear.
Sarn shook his head; time to leave ‘fore the mild
crowds, with the man crying out, turned to jeer.
A pleading look set him casting about
for a means to earn coin ‘fore he heard shouts.

~ ~ ~

“We can’t start without Sarn,” Nerule replied.
“The oldest child lights two stones on this day.”
True, Sarn was the oldest child to reside
here since Nolo’d taken him in that day.
Including him while ignorant seemed wrong.
Last Sunday Sarn had participated
but he had not understood or belonged.
Nolo looked to Inari, his wife, waited
for her to chime in but the door opened
instead admitting Sarn and Ran, from who
knew where. “Now we can start,” Nerule opined.
He waved to the advent wreath; they joined them.
The first stone lit in its green diadem.

~ ~ ~

Nolo scowled at that lit stone, for no prayers
had yet been said but that stubborn purple
light refused to die. He began the prayers
anyway before the second purple
stone lit itself. “Lord, stir up our hearts. Help
us prepare for Your Son, make us worthy
of His Christmas coming. With pure minds, help
us serve You forever. Amen.” Worthy
or not, Nolo handed the second stone
to Sarn, but he didn’t take it. Ran handed
Sarn a dark rock that at his touch then shone
a purple so radiant it stranded
tears in Nolo’s eyes. He knew inclusion
was right; he could build on that foundation.

~ ~ ~

The story continues in Sparring.

This is #3 in a series of Advent posts starring Sarn, his son and the foster family they live with (Nolo, Inari and Nerule). You can check them all out on my Holiday page in order.

For even more vignettes starring the Sarn and other characters from the Curse Breaker Saga, check out the Tales of Shayari page. Its updated daily and all vignettes are listed in story order.

~ ~ ~

Inspired by the second Sunday in Advent. Prayers summarized (because Nolo’s into brevity) from The History of the Advent Wreath.

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