The Perfect Stone

The Perfect Stone (Picks up where Light the Wreath left off) Seeking the perfect one, Ran touched the stones. “Make them glow,” he said; Sarn touched them; they lit, ’til he moved his hand away. “Pick one stone.” Ran piled the stones up and smiled for his bit. A voice cried out, “make a way for the Lord.” Again he cried, “make straight a path for God.” A ragged man passed, eyes afire for this ‘Lord’ with zealous light as he shouted for his God. Sarn shook his head, “I can’t afford that pile.” “Make more money,” Ran shrugged, the answer clear. Sarn shook his head; time to leave ‘fore the mild crowds, with the man … Continue reading The Perfect Stone

Light the Wreath

Light the Wreath (picks up after Faith ends) Ran cracked the door open, peered though to rule out mischief in the living room. Standing there Nolo, Inari, their son Nerule, in a small circle, with Nolo talking, “…livest and reignest forever. Amen.” Nolo nodded; his son hesitated. “Put the purple one in; we can eat then.” “I’m not the youngest child,” Nerule stated. He nodded to Ran who spied all this through a door cracked open. “Ran should do this now.” “What’re you doing?” Papa asked though he knew. Or maybe he didn’t ’cause he joined Ran now. Like a protective wall, he … Continue reading Light the Wreath