Light the Tree

Christmas Tree (c) Melinda Kucsera

Light the Tree

(Picks up where Seconds left off)

Sarn watched his son hang button hearts on boughs.
Assembled from fallen branches, it stood
e’en with Sarn’s head, those once enchanted boughs.
Still some magic left in their dying wood.
Sparks of green winked in its needles and bark.
Still a collection of dead things arranged
and decorated with symbols, no part
for him in this thing that was prearranged.
“It should glow,” Ran said, hanging the last heart.
“It can’t because the branches are dying.
Not enough magic left to do its part.”
Sarn shrugged; Ran didn’t find that satisfying.
Neither did Sarn and the Advent wreath mocked
him with its bright glow, where two crystals docked.

~ ~ ~

‘Tis the season of light and the tree lacked
light and that was a problem he could fix.
“Come on, I’ve an idea.” Sarn ransacked
his store of lumir, and with a few tricks,
his magic forced them to cleave into beads.
Ran saw the beads and rushed to find some string.
He made a garland from the bright stone beads.
When Sarn judged it enough, they draped that string
about the tree from top to bottom and glow
it did, giving the Christmas tree some cheer.
Still something was missing despite its glow.
Sarn looked to Ran who shrugged but the need was clear–
Something to crown the tree and make it special.
It had to be something consequential.

~ ~ ~

The Christmas tree was incomplete though fair.
They sat, father and son, in the tree’s glow.
“It needs a star,” Nerule pointed, “right there.”
“Make a star, Papa,” Ran nodded ensnared
by the idea; a spare stone Sarn displayed,
a whitish crystal on his palm. Spiking
his magic, he made it extrude six rays
until they formed points that were sparkling.
Holding up the finished star, his magic
forced it to shift colors and throw rainbows.
Sarn lifted Ran, who crowned with a magic
star, the Christmas tree, and light laced its boughs.
They basked in its glorious light as the sight
gladdened their hearts for all the season’s nights.

~ ~ ~
May it gladden your heart as you deck your tree.

~ ~ ~

The story continues in A Fool for Christmas.

This is #8 in a series of Advent posts starring Sarn, his son and the foster family they live with (Nolo, Inari and Nerule). You can check them all out on my Holiday page in order.

~ ~ ~

Inspired by Advent and a Pic and a Word Challenge #14: Light and Poetry 101 Rehab: Magic.

56 thoughts on “Light the Tree

                  1. I love Christmas parties! I host one almost every year! I am one of those people who immediately start the countdown to next Christmas after one has passed! 😛 Just enjoyed yourself and don’t worry about the surroundings! 🙂

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  1. All I can say is that you are a great inspiration to budding writers like me. I love the last stanza with the Christmas tree and those lovely rainbow lights that symbolizings the glow in the season. Beautiful, sparkling words here. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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