Armadillo Dreams


Armadillo Dreams

Armored shell enclosed, it digs and burrows.
Rarely out at night, it’s nocturnal but
My trusty Armadillo friend, sorrows.
As he swings his tail, wishing he’s a mutt.
Dragon wings, he’d have, the better to fly
Into the sky, where clouds’ kiss, brush his snout.
Like a beast of myth, he’d spit fire, fly high
Let sunlight gild his scales and poems spout
On moonless evenings with wizards and wights,
Dreaming as they scheme of overthrowing
Regents of evil intent, who hold light,
Ever bright, captive in surreal drawings.
Alas, but for an accident of fate–
My armadillo’s dreams won’t be sated.

~ ~ ~

A special thank you to Jennifer Nichole Wells, who would not let me pass this one up even though I had no idea what to do for it. I never back down from a challenge.

~ ~ ~

Inspired by One Word Photo Challenge: Armadillo. Photo credit: Google image search because who has armadillo pictures lying around? They’re not exactly lining up to be photographed…

Also for the Daily Post’s prompt, ‘If I Ruled the World‘ because my armadillo friend did muse on that.

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