Armadillo Dreams

Armadillo Dreams Armored shell enclosed, it digs and burrows. Rarely out at night, it’s nocturnal but My trusty Armadillo friend, sorrows. As he swings his tail, wishing he’s a mutt. Dragon wings, he’d have, the better to fly Into the sky, where clouds’ kiss, brush his snout. Like a beast of myth, he’d spit fire, fly high Let sunlight gild his scales and poems spout On moonless evenings with wizards and wights, Dreaming as they scheme of overthrowing Regents of evil intent, who hold light, Ever bright, captive in surreal drawings. Alas, but for an accident of fate– My armadillo’s dreams won’t be sated. … Continue reading Armadillo Dreams

Future’s Fire: Sheltamarae, the Dragon

Future’s Fire: Sheltamarae At the top of the world he bides, seer, fire-breather, smoke-weaver, Sheltamarae he’s called. Through fire he watches near and far, future events and present day. Greater than he is the Lord who made all, who put the future in his claws. Empires rise and fall as he watches. Future’s thrall, his gaze is locked on fate’s flickering fires that’re never quenched ‘til mankind’s strivings cease. Evil breathes on that fire, incites a blaze that eats possibilities, ashes peace, brings nations to their knees, but since it stays within the rules, he can’t intrude, even though the … Continue reading Future’s Fire: Sheltamarae, the Dragon

The Luckiest People Eat Humble Pie

The Luckiest People Eat Humble Pie The first person I encountered today wasn’t supposed to be dragon, glaring mom’s disapproval down at me, no way! Her red claws caged me where I stood staring, holding the last piece of sweet pumpkin pie. Her magic engulfed me and my skin itched. “Mom this is child abuse!” I cried but my words left my beak as chirps. My form she’d switched again for a bird’s wings but why this time? “I told you not to start another war.” Mom’s flaming eye enlarged showing my crime. Bloated bodies, sun-baked, are dead from war. I … Continue reading The Luckiest People Eat Humble Pie

Captive Dragon – Writing 101 # 14 & Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes

Captive Dragon Stars shone, thousands of candles in the sky, their light outlines a chocolate dragon tied up. Too weak to struggle, her scales too dry, no helpful wave nearby, her wounded guide, her captain, draws near. Rescue’s in his mind. In night’s blanket he hides; his mind’s open to her–connection made–their pain’s entwined. “The earring,” she says mind-to-mind, “it opens the lock on the collar. Steal it, you must…” “I know,” he replies, he’s worked his way ’round camp, leaning on his sword; her captors trust her bonds to hold, but a weakness she’s found. He stumbles, grips the wound … Continue reading Captive Dragon – Writing 101 # 14 & Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes

Breaking Free

Breaking Free Now, it needed to break out of its shell. Shatter the prismatic outer layer that attracted the noble fool who fell in lust with its luster. Purveyor of fine gems, he fancied the egg, mistook it for a faberge, but it’s the real thing. A dragon egg laid by an old crook, now sitting on a desk, perched on a steel holder, that’s keeping the rocking egg from tipping over despite its occupant’s attempts to crack its housing. Time had come for escape, it pushed a claw through to grant freedom and dragged it down until it burst forth and into the world, the … Continue reading Breaking Free