Future’s Fire: Sheltamarae, the Dragon

Fire (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

Future’s Fire: Sheltamarae

At the top of the world he bides, seer,
fire-breather, smoke-weaver, Sheltamarae
he’s called. Through fire he watches near
and far, future events and present day.
Greater than he is the Lord who made all,
who put the future in his claws. Empires
rise and fall as he watches. Future’s thrall,
his gaze is locked on fate’s flickering fires
that’re never quenched ‘til mankind’s strivings cease.
Evil breathes on that fire, incites a blaze
that eats possibilities, ashes peace,
brings nations to their knees, but since it stays
within the rules, he can’t intrude, even
though the envisioned pyre threatens reason.

~ ~ ~

Sheltamarae dwells in the north pole. He and Santa are neighbors. Sadly, he doesn’t do sleigh duty. We’ll run into him much later in the Curse Breaker Saga. Other dragons who’ll make a cameo appearance include: Malentharen, Beast of Cloud and Claw, and a yet to be named baby dragon.

~ ~ ~

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