Beast of Cloud and Claw – One Word Photo Challenge

Beast of Cloud and Claw

On cloud-stacked feet it steals across the sky
ready to stomp the sleeping mountain town.
Its wings kick up a gale force wind to cry
its coming on the morn. It’s swooping down
from on high, its ridged back blots out the sun.
Its shadow falls and blankets the valley.
The temperature drops as it exhales cold,
ice sheathes its talons, winter’s friend rallies,
unhinges its jaw, breathes white fire so cold
it burns; it freezes everything in place.
‘Cept the slayer striding towards the ice-drake.
Magic builds ‘tween her upraised hands; her faces’s
grim. She slings the spell and a white bolt rakes
the beast’s side; clouds boil as it loses mass.
It flies ‘fore she makes another pass.

Prompt courtesy of One Word Photo Challenge: Pick your Own

13 thoughts on “Beast of Cloud and Claw – One Word Photo Challenge

    1. Me too I still snap pics of them even though my sister is not there to beg that boon of me. She pulled off the road all but shoved me out of the car to take the picture featured in the post. She liked to joke that I was her photographer; she’d point at something and I’d shoot it 🙂 Ah good times, I miss her so much.

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    2. thank you. this time of year it is especially hard. But I am doing what she asked me, I am working on publishing the stories she loved. And that has to be enough because there’s nothing else I can do except allow time to do its work.

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    3. I admire your focus and dedication… clearly your sister was a formidable force in your life and even in death she guides you on a great path… sounds like you are blessed to carry her love with you as it shows in your blog…. 🙂

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