Truth Slingers


Truth Slingers

They sling truth from their quick hands, deal out facts,
burn lies with their laser glare. A gesture
kills bullshit, withers sales pitches, attacks
deceit, slander–no matter its vesture.
Their armor is truth and they shine a light
to chase away shadows, banish darkness.
Their presence reveals all secrets, ignites
a fire that purifies, leaving kindness
in their wake. They keep promises, enforce
oaths, shore up the faltering, hold the line,
mend the broken, set the adrift on course.
The truth’s their weapon, they’re easy to find.
Wherever disaster strikes, they’ll appear,
wielding truth to shield everyone who’s near.

Prompted by a conversation with FT LeDrew which sparked my fevered imagination. I am grateful for the inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Truth Slingers

  1. I love these truth slingers…you are kindly welcome for the inspiration, my friend…I am happy to be able to converse 🙂

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