Hate to Love: Dessert


Dessert Connoisseurs

For breakfast and dinner, I eat dessert.
That’s my guilty secret. Don’t tell a soul;
I belong to a secret club. Dessert
Connoisseurs it’s called. We use doughnut holes
to get around, bet you didn’t know they warp
space time. Just pop on through. Let physics rue
the baker. His oven mangles the warp
and weft of time to hide our rendezvous.
We’ve twelve step programs for initiates
to get the most out of their addiction.
We believe in healthy deserts, officiate
at bake-offs and increase the addiction
through bake sales, pie donations and cake drives.
with dessert, we take over the world live.

~ ~ ~

Prompted by a conversation with FT LeDrew which sparked a hilarious rant that became part of this poem. I am grateful for the inspiration. You can inspire me too. I take requests! And because this is just too perfect for the Daily Post’s prompt, Pour Some Sugar on Me and “Hate to Love“, I am submitting it there too!