Elemental Senryu: Fire

Elemental Senryu* *A collaboration with Rosema from A Reading Writer Rosema writes short fiction, poems and posts about the books she’s reading. Hop on over to check out her site and pick up a recommendation or two for your next read. Fire Purifies loved gold, strongest metals bend, mold licks life new or old. Sparks fly catch on wood; sparks in your eyes burn your heart– fires rage in both. ~ ~ ~ Well that’s all folks! This is the last post in the series Rosema and I did. We hope you enjoyed reading these senryu as much as we … Continue reading Elemental Senryu: Fire

Future’s Fire: Sheltamarae, the Dragon

Future’s Fire: Sheltamarae At the top of the world he bides, seer, fire-breather, smoke-weaver, Sheltamarae he’s called. Through fire he watches near and far, future events and present day. Greater than he is the Lord who made all, who put the future in his claws. Empires rise and fall as he watches. Future’s thrall, his gaze is locked on fate’s flickering fires that’re never quenched ‘til mankind’s strivings cease. Evil breathes on that fire, incites a blaze that eats possibilities, ashes peace, brings nations to their knees, but since it stays within the rules, he can’t intrude, even though the … Continue reading Future’s Fire: Sheltamarae, the Dragon

Hands of Flame – Photo-Fiction Challenge #9

Hands of Flame: Gevret* Fire burned cold in his eyes, a corona of red that coated the world, blotting out other colors, showing no nirvana just a holocaust snap shot to call out the future and leave him holding firelight. Flames that crack and curl everything except him because he’s got that firelight under his skin. It’s his kin, and throwing it takes no skill, just a snap of the wrist and flames shoot to kill the man menacing his adopted brother. The boy’s head kissed; He’s unharmed; his relieved smile disarms, quenches fire with a hug, such is his charm. – – – … Continue reading Hands of Flame – Photo-Fiction Challenge #9