Hands of Flame – Photo-Fiction Challenge #9

Hands of Flame: Gevret*

Fire burned cold in his eyes, a corona
of red that coated the world, blotting out
other colors, showing no nirvana
just a holocaust snap shot to call out
the future and leave him holding firelight.
Flames that crack and curl everything
except him because he’s got that firelight
under his skin. It’s his kin, and throwing
it takes no skill, just a snap of the wrist
and flames shoot to kill the man menacing
his adopted brother. The boy’s head kissed;
He’s unharmed; his relieved smile disarms,
quenches fire with a hug, such is his charm.

– – –

*Gevret is a character from my fantasy series; his adopted brother is a little green eyed boy named Ran. That makes you know who, his adopted father. Consider this your formal introduction to him.

For Photo-Fiction Challenge #9

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