Souls Arriving: Stomp Prompt Sonnet #6


Souls Arriving

“On the far shore, where old lives abated.
The square-rigged, ship drawn by dragon power,
pulled up to the shallows. She departed
with the souls who’d flown from grave to towers
shining in the sun. Angels gathered there
to welcome all to the Lands of Ever
where no mortal had e’er trod. Whatever
expectations she’d had fled, for never
had she dreamed of a city of angels.
They lined the streets in gleaming robes, waving,
singing, a song that had no ending. Bells
chimed in sweet accompaniment, leading
her deeper into the city, towards
He who began the song with that one chord.

The sixth sonnet in the crown of sonnets I am doing for this week’s Stomp Prompt: soul

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6 thoughts on “Souls Arriving: Stomp Prompt Sonnet #6

    1. Thanks, one more to go 🙂 Then I have a full crown. Not so much extra credit as the prompt ripped open an artery of creativity. I have maybe 90K written for an adventure in my fantasy world’s version of an afterlife. So I had a rich base to draw from.

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