Souls Sailing: Stomp Prompt Sonnet #5


Souls Sailing

“All aboard,” the angel mariner says.
He’s plied this route for centuries.
On one shore stands the Mortal Veil, and ways
back to flesh, blood and woe. “Turn from it please,
that sparkling curtain, lest it tempt you
to step through and become a lost soul again.
No life is found that way. If life’s what you
want, sail with me to Eversong. You’ll gain
new life when you’ve atoned.” She looked instead
at the other shimmering veils, the black
angel, Shonofar, singing as she lead
arriving souls to the ship, not one looked back
at where they’d been. The last journey waited
on the far shore, where old lives abated.

The fifth sonnet in the crown of sonnets I am doing for this week’s Stomp Prompt: soul

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