Two Sparks Meeting, Heart to Heart


Two Sparks Meeting, Heart to Heart

Two sparks meeting, heart to heart, celebrate
a life beginning. A life whose leading
saved us all, a life that resonates
down through the ages, a life whose bleeding
cleansed us all, a life whose end raised us up,
a life worth sharing, heart to heart, as two sparks
meeting light the night. Two sparks burning up
in love, two hearts yearning for divine sparks
to take root, two hearts beating now as one,
two sparks separating at birth, two hearts
now watch with love, two sparks sleep in the sun.
Two hearts aging, life is done, leaving two
sparks living, ’til those sparks fly to heav’n too.

For Write with Jishnu’s Prompt: Happiness, Love, Celebration

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  1. Melinda, please leave your link and description of the poem in a post at, just as you did for Writing 201.
    Great work!

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