Spirit in Nature

Spirit in Nature*

A collaboration with Carol from WritersDream9.Wordpress.com

Carol is a skilled poet who excels at crafting haikus, haibuns and tankas that read like a Japanese master penned them. She also creates short fiction, longer poems and haigas of breath-stealing breadth and beauty.

Spirit in Nature

Trees whisper wisdom
Earth’s spirit raises its voice
Speaks of natural ways

I reach for a branch
Longing fills my heart and soul
To be in oneness

Parched earth waits for rain
Heaven’s secrets that release pain
It makes guidance plain

Opening my soul
To receive His bounties
A fullness of faith

Ocean tides that toss
Turn over ideas like shells
Deposit them on shore

The sea glass glistens
Makes me shine like a rainbow
Dancing in the sand

Breezes blow wishes
Cast them to the infinite
He who makes all true.

The soft breeze moves me
Makes me want to splash and play
Feel a salty hug

Volcanoes issue
Environmental warnings
Sent down from on high

I am a steward
A champion for the Earth
So children can dance

In cities’ canyons
Hope glints in office windows
Goodwill flows through streets

Our air is cleaner
Our rivers flow freely now
Our true hearts are free

~ ~ ~

Image credit: Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Spirit in Nature

  1. Beautiful thoughts for May 1st 🙂 I have a few ‘favorites’ but the most special one for me is the second haiku or stanza: ‘I reach for a branch …’


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