Ejected | Curse Breaker

Ejected | Curse Breaker

The air thickened. It resisted all attempts to penetrate it. When Sarn took a cautious a step forwards, it pushed him back causing him to cede ground. Nolo’s grip broke as Sarn stumbled backwards out of the stone ring. Something warm brushed his hands as he raised them to examine the barrier erected against him. It flowed like water and yet it was comprised of a veil of tiny particles that sparked on his skin. If he removed the blindfold, he bet that barrier would glow the same hue and intensity as his eyes. They might even be made of the same thing.

Before Sarn could explore this novel discovery, Nolo seized him and shook him.

“What happened? Why did you retreat?”

“I didn’t. It expelled me.”

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After an enchanted tree abducts Sarn, he’s thrust into a mystery revolving around a double homicide. Can Sarn protect his son, keep his masters happy and help the dead boy haunting him?

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