Night Life

Night Life* A collaboration with Carol from WritersDream9 If you love haiku, haiga, tanka and flash fiction–you should visit her site. She writes with amazing clarity, depth and spirituality. Night Life Stars illuminate Brighten the lonesome night An Owl passes Stars shoot overhead Chase the owl across the sky Owl dives to catch prey A meteor flashes Its tail wiggles with sparkles Tiny diamonds Owl looks skyward Meteor reflects in eyes That long to catch it He holds wisdom Made of stardust gems His mate approaches She comes with owlets feathers askew, they toddle Talons leave snow tracks Chorus of hoots … Continue reading Night Life

Moon’s Mountain

Moon’s Mountain* *A collaboration with Carol from Carol is a skilled poet who excels at crafting haikus, haibuns and tankas that read like a Japanese master penned them. She also creates short fiction, longer poems and haigas of breath-stealing breadth and beauty. Come walk with us under the moon, up a mountain path into nature’s magic. Majestic fortress Snowcapped with white purity Kisses the blue sky Snow-crowned peak sparkling My tears like diamonds falling Freezing on my skin Moon touches the peak Silver light on its pine skirt Alpine wonderland The wind blows gently As I shiver from its strength My heart … Continue reading Moon’s Mountain

May Angels Lead You In

May Angels Lead You In Stars and angels sing a brand new year their songs bring– light and love, they sing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~ ~ They sing love and light, to create a new year bright with hope in your sights. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ May your hope burn bright, your heart sing of starlit nights and love on the wing. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you in… ~ ~~ and should life be done may angels bear you hence to the Holy One. ~ ~ ~ May Angels lead you … Continue reading May Angels Lead You In

Some Haiku for You


Rain falling softly
Children with yellow rain coats
Splashing in puddles

Dry grass crackling
Orange tongues of fire
Marshmallows melting

Flunking another quiz
The books I never opened
A red pen- grade fixed

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