Night Life

Night Life*

A collaboration with Carol from WritersDream9

If you love haiku, haiga, tanka and flash fiction–you should visit her site.
She writes with amazing clarity, depth and spirituality.

Night Life

Stars illuminate
Brighten the lonesome night
An Owl passes

Stars shoot overhead
Chase the owl across the sky
Owl dives to catch prey

A meteor flashes
Its tail wiggles with sparkles
Tiny diamonds

Owl looks skyward
Meteor reflects in eyes
That long to catch it

He holds wisdom
Made of stardust gems
His mate approaches

She comes with owlets
feathers askew, they toddle
Talons leave snow tracks

Chorus of hoots sound
Baby’s notes like bell peals
Nature’s symphony

Above the stars wheel
Owlets jump–take their first flight
Little wings flutter

Mama and papa watch
Soon join them in flight
They aim for the stars

Fly high to catch stars
Silent dive to skim treetops
Wing over freeway

Twinkles surround them
Shine down from above
A horn blares

~ ~ ~

13 thoughts on “Night Life

  1. I adore owls!! Your poem reminded me of “The guardians of Ga’Hoole”. The assembly was picturesque and so lifelike I could see the owls moving and diving and flying just like you’ve described them! Wonderful work!! 🙂

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  2. Wow, what a vivid imagery of night life and a family of owls. It flows nicely from the first stanza to the last, describing in details the surrounding nature. Like watching National Geographic HD 🙂 Wonderful write, ladies!!

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